Fort Worth tattoo artist falls short of Guinness record

01/04/2014 8:45 PM

01/05/2014 10:08 AM

The ink went dry early Sunday without a Guinness record.

Robert “Tat2 Bobby” Doran and his friend Darren Curry stopped early Sunday on their marathon tattoo event, falling short of a world record to claim the Guinness World Record for longest tattoo session (team of two).

For world record fans, Curry and Doran stopped at 2:47 a.m. Sunday, going more than 42 hours. The record is 50 hours, 10 minutes.

“At first, I was just floored because he stopped,” Doran said Sunday. “But hey, he’s my friend. He did the best he could.”

Curry could not be reached Sunday.

Doran said he slept for five hours Sunday and he’s ready to try for another record.

“We are not stopping,” Doran said.

Doran plans to go for the Guinness World Record for longest tattoo session (multiple people) this month. That record is 48 hours, 2 minutes and was achieved by Alessandro Bonacorsi, aka Alle Tattoo (Italy), in Limidi di Soliera, Italy, on Oct. 21, 2012.

On Saturday, it looked promising. Curry, 46, however, fell asleep after 36 hours into a planned 55-hour tattoo session.

Falling asleep was as much a testament to Curry’s pain tolerance as it was to Doran’s skill as a tattoo artist. Doran, 46, of Touch Of Ink Dermagraphics on Jacksboro Highway, and Curry are fellow ministers in the biker-centered Warriors for Christ.

Doran briefly held the record in 2003. But before his time of 30 hours, 15 minutes could be recorded by Guinness, it was broken. In 2011, the record was broken again by the 50 hours, 10 minutes of United Kingdom tattoo artist Dave Fleec and his client James Llewellyn. Doran wanted it back.

“We need the record,” Doran said Saturday. “Fort Worth needs it, not some foreigner in the United Kingdom.”

Both men are liberally decorated with tattoos.

Curry had 35 tattoos when the session started Friday morning and planned to have 47.

For the first day and a half, Doran focused on cleaning up old tattoos and “doing some fill work,” creating background to fill in between tattoos.

Some believe that Doran’s being able to do any tattoos is a miracle, said his wife, Krystal.

“My husband was in a bike wreck nine months after the last record he set in 2003 and was told he probably would never be able to tattoo again,” she said.

It might be said that God put his mark on Robert Doran, and the ordained minister is passing on the favor with one of his most-asked-for tats.

“Forty-three people have been saved in our tattoo shops,” Doran said. “I’ve done laughing Jesuses, crying Jesuses, Jesuses on the cross and not on the cross, walking on water. I’ve done literally hundreds of Jesuses.”

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