Fort Worth

November 14, 2013

Fort Worth mayor headed back to work after surgery

Fort Worth Mayor Betsy Price says she plans to attend the West Seventh Street Bridge festivities Friday night even if she has to wear an eye patch. She had eye surgery Wednesday morning.

Mayor Betsy Price plans to be back at work Friday, possibly wearing an eye patch because of surgery on her right eye to correct double vision.

“I don’t do this rest thing very well,” Price said Thursday. “I’ve been pacing all day.”

She had surgery Wednesday to try to correct double vision resulting from a bicycle crash about 15 months ago.

She plans to go to a Women Leaders in Government event at 11:30 a.m. Friday and the West Seventh Street Bridge festivities in the evening, she said.

It could take a couple weeks to know if the surgery corrected the double vision, Price said.

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