June 5, 2014

FBI agents search house in Mansfield, decline to say why

An FBI spokeswoman confirmed that federal agents searched a home on Stratford Drive in Mansfield, but she declined to say what they were looking for.

Federal agents on Thursday searched a house in the 1600 block of Stratford Drive in Mansfield. An FBI spokeswoman said she could not discuss what they were looking for.

Mansfield residents said they noticed FBI agents at houses on Stratford and Fairfax drives early Thursday morning.

“I can’t confirm the Fairfax address,” said Katie Chaumont of Dallas, the FBI spokeswoman. “That doesn’t mean we weren’t there.

“But I can confirm we were at the location on Stratford in Mansfield. It was law enforcement activity.”

Residents said agents searched cars at the addresses. One resident provided a photo of a broken-out window at the home on Stratford Drive.

Chaumont said she could not say what FBI agents were looking for “because it is related to an ongoing investigation.”

Mansfield police spokesman Thad Penkala said he had no information about the search. Likewise, Kathy Colvin, spokeswoman for the U.S. attorney’s office, said she had no information.

A search of federal documents available online did not reveal any cases pending against people connected to the address on Stratford Drive.

Colvin and Chaumont indicated that federal officials might release more details later.

“If or when something becomes public, I’ll let you know,” Colvin said.

Staff writer Amanda Rogers contributed to this report.

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