Hey, where’s my paper?

12/07/2013 9:12 AM

11/12/2014 3:27 PM

Freezing fog early Sunday added to the problems we’re having delivering newspapers across our circulation area.

The majority of our carriers have been unable to complete their routes so far today. Cars were being pulled from ditches, and some drivers couldn’t even make it into icy parking lots to pick up their bundles.

“Our goal is to have most of the papers delivered in Tarrant County by 5:30 pm today,” said Mike Fillner, area circulation manager.

On Saturday, problems ranged from hilly streets, to iced-over entrances to gated communities, to impassable courts and circles.

A few drivers were involved in collisions, including in Colleyville, where a carrier had an accident and a district manager’s car slid into the wrecked car as he tried to help.

Outside the metro area, “areas are virtually at a standstill,” Fillner said.

But our newsroom has been hard at work gathering the latest news on the weather, and readers can access it all free on our digital products.

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