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In Grapevine, a Tea Party leader says no to — Methodists?

| |Friday, Feb. 21, 2014

The NE Tarrant Tea Party president recommends voting for a Southern Baptist instead of a Methodist because Baptists are “straitlaced.”

In Denton, Abbott’s rally suffers from too much Ted

| |Wednesday, Feb. 19, 2014

The aging rocker joined Abbott to talk gun laws, but wound up calling video of past racial and misogynistic comments “inaccurate.”

Stickland sets off feeding frenzy by posting opposing voter’s address

| |Tuesday, Feb. 04, 2014

The Bedford Republican singled out a Democrat who put out a yard sign for Republican Andy Cargile.

Time for Tarrant County to let Marlise Muñoz go

| |Saturday, Jan. 25, 2014

The county’s conservative politics shouldn’t affect the decision on appealing a court decision.

Governor’s race has gone messy, and it’s only January

| |Friday, Jan. 24, 2014

An unnamed Democrat is caught on video laughing at Greg Abbott’s wheelchair.

Davis and Trailergate: Part campaign flub, part gender bias

| |Wednesday, Jan. 22, 2014

It’s awfully late to be ironing out biographical details. But some of the attention being paid to Wendy Davis is the price of the spotlight.

For some paranoid patriots in Houston, there’s a spy inside the thermostat

| |Friday, Jan. 17, 2014

A Glenn Beck-inspired 9-12 group is worried about being outsmarted by appliances.

Experience has its downside for Senate District 10 candidates

| |Thursday, Jan. 16, 2014

Mark Shelton’s House career and 2012 close call become targets for primary challengers.

Republicans campaign against ‘Obama and Wendy,’ or is it the other way around?

| |Wednesday, Jan. 15, 2014

Even a down-ballot candidate like George P. Bush is running against the top of the ticket.

Leading Fort Worth wasn’t easy — Bolen just made it look that way

| |Sunday, Jan. 12, 2014

The 1980s Fort Worth mayor took over a bickering city with a dicey economy and restored confidence.