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ST. LOUIS - Andrew Adolphson, 17, is a normal teen with an adolescent sense of humor who likes to tease his twin sister.

There is a world of difference between a collector and a scavenger. Or so I've been told. The husband says he is the former, not the latter, which is a matter we will likely continue to debate for another 30 years.

Life gives us moments for doing things. Being young, for example. We don't get to do that forever. Except maybe at heart.

In 1944, Barberton High School graduating senior Frank Woog coined the class motto: "We stick together."

A second-grade teacher writes: "I teach in a very competitive school where parents have developed a 'mob mentality' for bullying administrators and teachers. They have gone beyond helicopter parenting to Apache Blackhawk parenting."

Dear Mr. Dad: I'm a newly divorced single father. I hear a lot about how children in divorced families have all sorts of behavioral problems, do worse in school, abuse drugs, are depressed and anxious, and on and on. It's scaring the heck out of me and makes me think that no matter what I do, my kids are doomed. I want to be an amazing dad and give my kids the best possible life. Isn't there something I can do?

My friend was watching Monday-night football with his three young sons when the infamous video of football player Ray Rice appeared during halftime commentary.

My ex has recently remarried, and she is now expecting a baby. She's been acting a little weird since she found out she was pregnant - not as communicative. Yesterday, when I picked my son up, I heard her refer to me by my first name, as in "Bill" is here to pick you up. Not Dad, Bill. This was surprising to me, and I think we should talk about it, but I'm not sure how to bring it up. What's good ex-etiquette?

If you're of a certain age and hail from a certain background, it's likely that you were spanked when you misbehaved. This is what passed for discipline when I was growing up.

You're probably thinking more about what, when and how you're feeding baby than about feeding yourself. These easy tips for healthier eating will boost your energy, help you breastfeed better and take off that baby weight.

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