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It's homecoming season, and that means high school dances. It also means my telephone has been ringing.

As you walk around the neighborhood for some Halloween fun this year, you might find yourself wondering why some of the pumpkins are teal.

A dinnertime favorite disguised as a prehistoric reptile? Now that's a dino-mite meal!

LOS ANGELES - Hello Kitty turns 40 years old on Nov. 1 and to celebrate that milestone birthday the little girl born in London four decades ago is throwing a bash that's already begun and won't wrap up for six months.

Game nights are a great way for families to spend quality time together. But every once in a while, you need to shake things up a little, right? Here are three wonderful, mind-expanding activities that mom, dad, 2.5 kids (but not the dog) will enjoy.

Fewer Americans are married than ever before, and a growing percentage are happy to stay unhitched.

Like many people I know, I'm fascinated by the wealthy. Not the simple rich who have a mere two commas on their net worth statements but the uber-wealthy multi-billionaires. Bill Gates. Warren Buffett. The Koch brothers. People with so much money that it boggles the mind to think of how they spend it and where they keep it.

What's your happiest Halloween memory? I hope it's a lot better than mine.

Dear Mr. Dad: My family hasn't had a vacation in years - we haven't been able to afford it. But we really need some time off. We're thinking of doing a driving trip over the two-week winter break. Can you suggest some affordable family-friendly places to visit?

In Stamford, Conn., an 11-year-old girl, concerned about a culture of exclusion, invites not just a few close friends, not just her class, but her entire elementary school, to her birthday party. She asks attendees to forego gifts, to instead make a donation to bullying prevention programs. She collects $1,300 from the more than 100 people who attend.

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