In Focus

February 5, 2014

New Tech Treasures

These futuristic devices wowed a gadget-head at the Consumer Electronics Show. Here’s how to get your hands on them.

I’m relieved to report that after attending last month’s Consumer Electronics Show, my brain didn’t explode. It very well might have, given that more than 3,200 exhibitors showcased a head-spinning variety of more than 20,000 new products.

While gawking at this boatload of innovative gadgetry, I picked up a slew of observations about the state of our digitized world. How ’bout this one, voiced by a representative of Bosch: “At the end of next year [2015], over 6 billion things will be connected to the Internet.” Yep, 6 billion.

And even though the annual show was in Las Vegas this year, I left knowing that what had happened in Vegas wouldn’t stay there. Here’s a list of just-launched techie treasures you’re likely to own sooner rather than later — because they’re too cool not to get.

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