December 4, 2013

Charming & Cherished

Incorporate beloved baubles and special keepsakes to make your decorations one of a kind.

Your grandmother’s exquisite brooch. Christmas cards received the year you were married. A child’s toy sled. Family keepsakes, collections and items with happy memories that normally hide in jewelry boxes and attic corners can come out for the holidays to add special meaning to your decor. Dust them off and give them new life in garlands, trees, arrangements and centerpieces that are sure to be conversation starters at your holiday parties and family gatherings.

Sled Bar Cocktail Caddy

I lugged a little wooden sled that I’ve had for many years into the house and wondered what I could do with it for the holidays. I realized this little sled could help me serve drinks on the patio at a small get-together I was throwing. It would be a simple way to set the tone for a winter cocktail made outside. The old sled is a perfect plateau to raise up the decanters and bottles of spirits. Add napkins and a few ornaments, and it’s both useful and festive. You could do the same thing with a wooden hinged box or an old artillery box. Just prop the lid open with wire and fill it with beverage options.

Merry Memory Lane Garland

Remember the days — before Facebook, family blogs and email — when we sent and received a lot of cards over the holidays? Many of us have boxes full of cards, postcards and photos from cherished friends and family. Take them out and create a “garland gallery” so you can enjoy glancing at them as you pass by your tree, mantel, antique buffet or cabinet. Adding a bit of shimmer makes the images look as though they’ve been dusted by the first snow of the season.

Train Case of Holiday Dreams

Welcome guests, especially those who’ve journeyed a distance to be with you, with a vintage train case stuffed with family treasures. It’s a perfect focal point in an entryway or as a centerpiece. Adorn it with greenery and pine cones, shimmery white flower sprays and a dusting of faux snow for a wintry feel.

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