Touchless tech products for the home

04/21/2014 1:58 PM

04/21/2014 1:59 PM

It’s becoming increasingly easy to move through your home without touching a thing. Between voice-control and motion-activation technology, there’s a host of wizardlike gadgetry designed to make turning appliances on and off even easier than flipping a light switch or pressing a button.

Water wonders

With the Kohler Sensate kitchen faucet, it just takes a wave of the hand (or an object, like a pot or a pan) to start the water flow. Its temperature memory feature allows the faucet to be turned on and off at the precise degree set during prior usage. Doing the dishes has never been quite so magical. $675, Morrison Supply Company and Ferguson Bath, Kitchen & Lighting Gallery.

Wake me up

If you’ve ever wished you could yell at your alarm clock, Ivee is for you. This clock doubles as a voice-activated life assistant, with its ability to tell you the weather, stock prices and time, and to control Wi-Fi devices in your home. All it takes is a “hello, Ivee” to wake up the system and have it respond to your every command. $199.99, Staples.

Don’t touch trash

Full hands are no longer a problem with the Simplehuman Rectangular Sensor recycler/trash can. The super-smart garbage bin opens with just a motion of the hand, and it even learns your behavior so it doesn’t close too soon or open unexpectedly. Two buckets inside make it easy to separate recyclables from waste. $250, Bed Bath & Beyond.

Control the thermostat

If you can’t stand the heat in the kitchen, say something. Don’t bother getting up — just voice your concern with the Honeywell Wi-Fi Smart Thermostat with Voice Control. A simple “Hello, thermostat; make it 68 degrees” is all you need. No more fussing with buttons. $299,

Sprinkling smarts

With the Skydrop Sprinkler Controller, watering your lawn is a breeze. The intuitive system reads local real-time weather data to determine how to efficiently water your lawn, saving water, effort and dollars. One controller works for up to eight watering stations. $299,

Who’s there?

Know who is at the door without ever leaving the couch. You can even see who is at the door when you’re away from home. DoorBot, an easy-to-install wireless video doorbell, sends a video feed straight to your smartphone when the doorbell rings. Knock-knock jokes may soon be irrelevant. $199,

Illuminated path

No need to worry about stumbling around in the dark. The PathLights Wireless LED Stair Lights detect motion from 6 feet away and communicate with each other to light your way as you move through a room or down the stairs. $39.99 per set of three, Brookstone.

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