Say cheers with a fall beverage cozy

11/14/2013 2:41 PM

11/14/2013 2:42 PM

As temps drop, you’ll want to enjoy fall beverages on the rocks without your hands developing frostbite.

Some fall-themed, homemade felt beverage cozies can be comfy to the touch and quite festive as you mosey around the dinner party scene. They are also memorable favors that party planners of all ages can help make for guests to remember the fall gathering.

Made with simple, inexpensive craft felt and yarn, these beverage cozies can feature all of the hallmarks of fall: acorns, autumn leaves and colorful vines.

The hand-warming glass grips are easy to make and adapt to your own serving glasses. If you don’t want to freehand designs, download a special PDF file from along with tips and easy-to-trace patterns for felt acorns and fall leaves to adorn each beverage cozy.

We’re going to use average-size rocks, cocktail or double old-fashioned size glasses for this project, but you can use any kind. The measurements will differ, but you can easily adapt these to fit your glassware.

It’s best to use glasses in simple shapes. You might want to avoid a beer mug with a handle that could complicate the design. Keep it simple so you can make a full set of cozies and still have time for other decorations — and maybe time to mix up a festive recipe for the punch bowl.

This project uses felt squares. They run about 30 cents a sheet at hobby and craft stores, and you can buy them individually rather than being stuck with what you might get in a set pack. Pick lots of pretty autumnal colors, and get at least 4-6 sheets of tan for the main part of the cozies, to make them uniform.

The colored pieces will be for adornments like leaves, acorns and other symbols of the season. Look for dark brown, light brown, dark red, sage green, dark orange and cream tones.

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