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January 21, 2014

No Velveeta cheese dip? No problem.

In the wake of a shortage of the processed cheese loaf, here are other ideas for Super Bowl party-worthy nacho sauces.

“Who moved my cheese?”

You might hear that question asked more literally in the coming weeks as gameday cooks fumble through grocery stores searching for America’s favorite cheese loaf. Recently, Kraft announced a Velveeta shortage, saying only limited quantities would be available until late February.

A Super Bowl party without Velveeta nacho cheese dip — preferably with spicy Rotel tomatoes — (some call it Texas fondue) is like a halftime show without controversy.

But making your own cheese sauce, using actual cheese, is easy.

Two local chefs provided creative MVP (Most Valuable Party)-worthy cheese dip recipes, and we found a simple one in our archives.

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