June 6, 2014

Attention Sproutlets: Big News from the Nest

Here's a look at some of the new shows.

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As part of a special media event, I got to sit next to who my kids consider is about the coolest person mama has ever met…Nina (aka Michele Lepe) from T he Good Night Show. If you have a kiddo under the age of 5 (and a husband in the house), you know exactly who I am talking about. And if your kids aren’t quite to the TV-watching stage, you soon will. Sprout, unlike some of the other kids-focused networks, has spent less time commercializing its characters and more time working on a strategy to create programs that not only entertain and educate kids, but shows parents don’t mind watching WITH their kids.

What a thought, right?

The afternoon was spent chatting about the network and getting to know the masterminds behind the network and discussing the important topic that the brought more than 250,000 votes on the Sprout website: Nina's change from the same PJs to a few different PJs. This is just a perfect example that shows the connection parents have with this network. However, Sprout is making a lot big changes over the next few months we learned during our intimate, afternoon luncheon. Starting with making a huge jump to the big time after being purchased by NBC Universal, the move isn’t just in name, the studio is moving to “30 Rock,” (like Saturday Night Live is shot) and programming will be expanding with new shows this fall and in 2015 as well.

Here's just a look at some of the new shows to be looking for:


“Astroblast!” follows the adventures of a crew of space animals who run the Astroblast Space Station – the coolest hangout in the galaxy. The team of animals who run it are the best of friends – Comet, Halley, Sputnik, Radar and Jet – all under the watchful eye of Sal the Octopus. But when you stick five friends with very different personalities in one place – things are bound to get messy. Through it all, the “Astroblast!” crew accept their differences, help one another, make new friends, and discover that getting along is always out of this world.

Every day brings a new adventure – big and small – whether it involves getting ready for a surprise birthday party for a Gremulon princess, dealing with demanding dairy-obsessed customers from the Milky Way, making peace between two spaceships of hungry space pirates, or helping a scary-looking, but shy, visitor make friends when no one will sit with him at lunch.

“Astroblast!” is a Sprout original series that is co-produced with Scholastic Media, a division of Scholastic Inc, the global children’s publishing, education and media company. Astroblast! is inspired by the books of the same name by award-winning author and illustrator Bob Kolar.


Ruff-Ruff, Tweet & Dave is the first ever pre-school game show where kids can play along on a smartphone or tablet. Ruff-Ruff, Tweet & Dave are three young friends who go on adventures and take the audience along for the ride by asking multiple choice questions


Floogals is Third Rock from the Sun meets The Borrowers for preschoolers! This innovative series follows a trio of adorable four-inch tall alien space explorers whose first experiences of the detail and everyday life in a suburban family home trigger a vast world of adventures.


Coming in 2015 Six-year-old Nina lives in a vibrant, multicultural neighborhood with her mami, papi, abuela, Hush her fish, and Lucy the firefly. She goes everywhere with her best friend, Star. Little Nina is a celebration of a little Latina girl’s life, her supportive and loving family, and of the individuals of a variety of cultures who make up Nina’s community. Its multilingual approach will incorporate English, some Spanish, and sign language and will emphasize the value of communicating across multiple languages and appreciating them. And our favorite real Nina, Michele Lepe, who plays the role of Nina on The Good Night Show, is an executive producer.


Coming in 2015 The iconic and much loved British cult classic animated television show, Clangers, is set to make a welcome return to its home on the BBC after 45 years. The joint announcement was made by CBeebies, Coolabi, Smallfilms and U.S. 24-hour preschool network, Sprout, who together are co-producing the new pre-school series, along with commissioning partner, C Beebies’ international channels. BBC Worldwide is confirmed as the international distributor for the show. The $8 million production is already underway and is set for a highly anticipated return to the small screen in 2015.

And because she couldn't be nicer, see the sweet wish I was able to share with my kiddos from Nina.


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