February 8, 2014

Theater review: Indulge your sweet tooth with Pinkalicious The Musical

The popular children’s book springs to life in a sweet musical sure to be gobbled up by your family.

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FORT WORTH Casa Mañana clearly understands the perfect recipe needed to make children happy.

Start with a play based on a popular children’s book. Throw in lots of pink cupcakes (and be sure to sell them in the lobby too!). And don’t forget a big dash of laughs and moral lessons throughout for both young and old.

Pinkalicious The Musical was a fun, fast-paced production that, like real cupcakes, left me disappointed that it was finished so soon.

Actress Laura Wetsel transforms convincingly into the pink-obsessed, spunky Pinkalicious with a sweet-tooth addiction to pink cupcakes much to the dismay of her parents, Mr. and Mr. Pinkerton (played by Paul T. Taylor and Brett Hurt). (And what parent can’t relate to that, I ask.)

When Pinkalicious eats too many pink cupcakes, she awakes one morning to fnd that she’s contracted Pinkitis and is now pink from head to toe. But what at first seems like a dream come true soon turns nightmarish as Pinkalicious realizes being pink isn’t always as sweet as you’d think.

With the help of her brother, Peter (Brandon Wilhelm), Pinkalicious finds the courage to fix her predicament.

The musical is directed by Noah Putterman, Casa Mañana’s education director.

The brother and sister’s duets were crowd favorites. And there was even a sprinkling of audience participation to the delight of the watching children, several who had come to the musical dressed in their best pink fairy dresses and crowns.

The musical’s ensemble proved to be the cherry on top - from the adorable dancing pink cupcakes who appear in Pinkalicious’s dreams to the bee, butterflies and bird that mistake Pinkalicious for a beautiful, pink flower in the entertaining number, Buzz Off.

The costumes, designed by Tammy Spencer, and set, designed by Colt Frank, seemed to jump from the pages of a children’s book. The colors were vibrant and eye-catching, a perfect blend to the stellar acting as well as the energetic choreography developed by Jeremy Dumont.

Pinkalicious The Musical will leave you full of joy and smiles, without the sugar overdose.

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