February 7, 2014

Valentine’s Day crafts for kids

These sweet and edible gifts come from the heart, and they’re easy to make.

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With Valentine’s Day just a few days away, there’s time for kids to forgo a store-bought card or gift and make something from the heart. Take a shot at one of our easy, homemade valentines.

They’re fun to make, simple to assemble and easy on the wallet. The hardest part about them is trying not to eat all the candy while you put them together (trust us, we know from experience).

Whether your kids plan to hand them out to pint-size classmates or family members, they’re sure to impress with their heartfelt creations.

We’ve even included a how-to video to show you how to do them.


Let’s stick together

Easy to assemble and tastier to eat, these colorful candy kebabs are a guaranteed way to brighten your special someone’s day. Note: For this craft, we suggest using soft or gummy candies, as they are the easiest to skewer.

• Wooden skewers
• Assortment of Valentine’s candy
• Cellophane bag
• Valentine’s-themed ribbon
• Scissors
• Decorative gift tag
• Marker or pen

1. Thread a skewer with candy. For our kebabs, we left about a third of the skewer uncovered to create a handle, and alternated our candies as we threaded them.

2. When you’re finished, place one or two skewers in the bag.

3. Cut a piece of ribbon to use as a tie. Gather the bag around the “handles” of your skewers, and tie a bow that secures it closed.

4. To finish, write a special Valentine’s message on your gift tag (we chose “I’m sweet on you!”). Tie the tag to the bow.

Just a love machine

A great way to tell someone they’re special to you, our bubblegum valentine is a fun alternative to store-bought cards. Tip: Mom and Dad should help little ones with the steps that require use of a hot glue gun.

• Plastic fillable ornament
• Gumballs
• Hot glue gun
• Paper treat cup
• Decorative gift tag
• Marker or pen

1. Fill the plastic ornament with gumballs. Close the ornament (secure it with a tiny amount of tape if necessary), and apply a small amount of glue to the top where the hole is.

2. Press the top of the ornament into the bottom of the treat cup (the hole portion of the ornament should punch through the cup). Hold firmly until you think the ornament has adhered to the cup.

3. Remove the string attached to the gift tag. Write on the tag “I want CHEW to be mine.”

4. Glue (or tape) the tag to the front of the base of your “gumball machine” (the cup).

A big scoop of sweetness

Show friends and family you’re really digging them by giving them a scoop of their favorite candy.

• Plastic toy shovel
• “Scoopable”-size candies, such as M&M’s or Skittles
• Cellophane bag
• Ribbon
• Scissors
• Decorative gift tag
• Marker or pen

1. With the shovel, scoop up a generous helping of candy. Place the end with the candy inside the bag, making sure to keep most of the candy on the shovel rather than spilling it directly into the bag.

2. Cut a piece of ribbon long enough to tie around the bag. Gather the bag around the handle of the shovel and tie the ribbon into a bow to close it.

3. Write “I’m DIGGING you!” on the gift tag and tie it to the bow.

Tackle-box treats

Reel in your special someone (or someones) with a tackle box full of sweet and sour candies.

• Plastic container with three compartments and lid
• Gummy worms
• Swedish Fish
• Valentine’s-themed ribbon
• Scissors
• Decorative gift tag
• Marker or pen

1. Fill the outer compartments of the container with gummy worms, and the middle section with Swedish Fish. Close the lid.

2. Cut a piece of ribbon and tie a bow around the container to keep the lid secure.

3. Write on the gift tag, “You’ve got me HOOK, LINE & SINKER!” and tie the tag to the bow.

Having a blast

A Valentine’s treat that’s sure not to bomb, Rolos wrapped in red construction paper make for a delicious surprise.

• Red construction paper
• 3 rolls of Rolo chewy caramel candies
• Pencil
• Scissors
• Hot glue gun
• Black twine
• Decorative gift tag
• Marker or pen

1. Wrap a piece of construction paper around each of the Rolo rolls, and measure and mark where the ends meet to cover the roll. (The ends will stay uncovered.) Cut three pieces of the paper, wrap a piece around each Rolo roll and secure with glue.

2. Wrap twine around the three rolls together a few times so they look like dynamite. Tie a bow to secure it.

3. Write “You’re so dynamite!” on your gift tag and tie it to the twine.

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