January 4, 2014

Add flowers this winter to perk up your home

You don’t have to use a typical vase to hold a bunch of blooms — and hold off the winter blues.

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It’s such a drag to pack away holiday decorations when you’ve been admiring them so much and remembering the memories of family and friends that they bring.

Plus, the house goes from looking — and feeling — December-festive to January-blah as soon as the ornaments go back to the attic.

Before the winter doldrums set in, perk up your home with colorful, fragrant flowers. Fresh flowers symbolize a new start and can be an easy, inexpensive way to bring New Year’s joy indoors. Swing by your corner florist for a bunch of flowers, or pick up a bouquet from your local grocery store while you are shopping for winter comfort foods.

Then let the fun begin. No pot or vase? No problem. Here are items you might have around the house that can be used for arranging and displaying flowers:

• Enamelware buckets and pitchers
• Trinket boxes
• Vintage Depression-era glass salt shakers
• Simple glass vases or bowls (to float flowers)
• Antique coffee cups or teacups
• Tea tins or other unique gift tins
• Vintage toys

Put the simple arrangements in rooms you frequent, but also in surprise locations like the powder room, a reading nook or on the bill-paying desk in your home office. (Ugh! Time to pay the piper, so we might as well make that space more pleasant.)

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