August 15, 2013

Yes, Moms, you can carpool in style

Easy separates, simple accessories are key to looking great on busy mornings.

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The lunches are packed. The backpacks are zipped. The kids are looking back-to-school cool — and you are almost out the door on time.

But, wait. What if the teacher wants to greet you or a new parent wants to meet you? Eek! You throw on sunglasses, pull down the visor and hope no one will look through your car’s windows to see you in your pajamas and with just-out-of-bed hair.

Harried parents everywhere jump through hoops to make the first days back to school easier for their family. And, if Mom has the option of coming home after she gets the kids through the school doors, the last person she’s probably thinking about making presentable is herself.

Here are some quick ways to look pulled together for school drop-offs on busy mornings — easy but stylish pieces to throw on at dawn and change out of later, whether into a business suit or workout clothes.

Basic accessories for on-the-go moms

There are some great fashion trends this season, such as the tracksuit pant, which is both comfortable and slimming with its tuxedolike stripe along the side.

Another look is the infinity scarf — a scarf fashioned in a circle that casually wraps around your neck — in beautiful prints, patterns and colors. Just pick out a scarf you like (go big with a pattern or a fun color!) and pair it with a trendy T-shirt or top to look like you spent more than one minute getting your look together.

And don’t forget about throwing on a maxi dress or a shorter, flowing skirt with an elastic waist that moves with ease. Just add a headband, scarf or jean jacket, and you’ll look like you (almost) planned to pull a U-turn and head back to the school office with the lunchbox your child left in the back seat.

No time for makeup ? No worries. A quick swipe of blush and some bright lipstick or gloss will do more to brighten up your face than anything else.

We all have mornings when we miss the alarm clock and wearing PJs to pick up carpoolers isn’t optional, but with a little thought to the easy pieces you probably have in your closet already — and how they can be put together — even Mom can look like she got a new outfit for the first day of school.

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