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Best of the chocolate Easter bunnies

OK, chocolate lovers, we went on a hunt for the tastiest Easter basket centerpiece around, and ears what we found

03/27/2013 10:57 AM

03/28/2013 11:15 AM

The chocolate bunny stands tall among the treats in kids' Easter baskets.

Today's selection of chocolate bunnies includes everything from peanut butter- and caramel-filled options to crispy, crunchy and cookies-and-cream varieties. Gourmet chocolatiers like Vosges are in the hunt for basket space, too.

Call us nostalgic, but the plain old milk chocolate bunny -- solid or hollow -- is still our favorite because it reminds us of childhood Easter mornings spent ripping off the foil and biting the ears off a bunny found buried inside mounds of Easter grass.

A little befuddled by all the choices, we wondered which brand of milk chocolate bunny was best, so we conducted a blind newsroom taste test.

We bought six popular-brand bunnies (all were purchased at Target), chopped them up into pieces and placed them in six bowls marked A thru F. Then, we asked staffers to sample a piece from each bowl, rank the taste between 1 (awful) and 10 (excellent), and leave comments.

No chocolate bunny rated higher than a 4.5, so it's clear that these bunnies were subpar to our staffers' taste buds. (Some asked us to redo the taste test with dark chocolate bunnies.) That said, some of the choices towered above the others.

Russell Stover

Price: $3.99

Average taste rating: 4.5

The winner of our chocolate Easter bunny taste test, Russell Stover's won the most love from our picky staffers. Our tasters described the chocolate as buttery, creamy and easily melting in the mouth.


Price: $3.89

Average taste rating: 4.1

One of the most popular and well-known names in the chocolate business, Hershey's received a mix of positive and negative comments. One discerning taster even noted that the unnamed chocolate tasted "very much like a Hershey bar."


Price: $3.99

Average taste rating: 4.1

Tying with Hershey's for second, this Swiss chocolate also got mixed reviews. One taster called the chocolate nostalgic and milky, while another said it tasted bitter.


Price: $3.99

Average taste rating: 4.0

When looking through the comments for the Dove chocolate bunny, one word seem to pop up again and again -- waxy. Although some tasters described the chocolate as too milky and bitter, one wrote that it didn't even taste like real chocolate.


Price: $4.99

Average taste rating: 3.0

Cadbury Creme Eggs are beloved by many each Easter season; the same can't be said for the Cadbury bunny, however. Staffers described the chocolate as "waxy," "hard to chew" and having a "slight bitter aftertaste."


Price: $1.59

Average taste rating: 2.6

The least expensive of all the chocolate bunnies, it was also the least well received. Tasters said it "has a plastic taste," "leaves bad taste after," and "tastes cheap" and "very sugary and chemically, not really a chocolate flavor."

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