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Gearing up for the Cowtown Marathon? These items just might give you fleeter feet

Gearing up for the Cowtown Marathon? Check out these items that just might give you fleeter feet

02/18/2013 2:37 PM

02/19/2013 8:15 AM

Whether you're finalizing training for the Cowtown Marathon or just moving from a walk to a trot, running can be made easier with the right gear. We've put together a guide of the newest and most necessary running accessories for a safe, well-hydrated and comfortable jog.

Nike's Flyknit Lunar1+ is the brand's newest and most modern attempt at the perfect shoe for runners. The footwear combines structure, cushioning and breathability in a lightweight and comfortable design. Nike's Flyknit collection was created specifically for marathoners, with the Lunar1+ meant to expand the franchise for the everyday runner. $159.99,

Garmin's Forerunner 10 GPS watch does it all -- it tracks your distance, pace and calories burned as you run. And it tells you the time. The mini-computer even identifies your personal records and alerts you when you complete each mile. At home, you can upload your run data to see maps of your routes, mile-by-mile details and records of your past jogs. The sleek design is Garmin's most lightweight and comfortable model to date. $129.99,

Monster's iSport Intensity earphones deliver unmatched clarity without taking away street noise entirely -- perfect for putting yourself in the zone without compromising safety. The comfortable design is made specifically for athletes, providing extra assurance that the earbuds won't shake or sweat out as you jog. They are super durable and are easily rinsed clean. $109.95,

Trigger Point Performance Therapy's The Grid 2.0 Foam Roller is a great tool to help you recover from tough runs. By simply (though not without pain) rolling your calves, quads, hamstrings and glutes along the foam tube, you're allowing blood and oxygen to flow more freely. Its hardy core and three-dimensional surface create a durable and effective recovery device. $64.99,

Camelbak's Arc 1 lightweight run belt is the perfect way to stay hydrated. It's self-sealing, leak-proof water bottle is built for on-the-go drinking, guaranteeing a spill-free experience. The belt features front and back reflectivity for safety on the road, as well as a cargo pocket for the essentials, like a nutrition bar, keys and a phone. $35,

Superfeet's Copper DMP insoles give extra support and stabilization, and the removable insert fits into almost any shoe. The foam molds to your foot shape, offering a personalized fit that's important when running long distances. The inserts offer increased stability, arch support and balance. $49.95,

Lululemon's Padded Ultimate Run Socks are designed to provide cushion and padding to every step. The super-comfortable footwear is made with wicking fabric to help keep your feet dry. Strategic pads are placed for comfort and blister protection. The stretchy socks are so breathable and comfortable, you'll want to wear them with all your shoes. $14,

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