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Arlington recycling carts to be distributed in the spring

01/23/2013 11:13 PM

01/24/2013 7:44 AM

ARLINGTON -- Republic Waste Services is expected to begin delivering new 65-gallon wheeled recycling carts to Arlington's 93,000 households by late May or early June, officials said this week.

These carts, which will replace the current 22-gallon open recycling bins, were approved by the Arlington City Council last year as part of a revised contract with the garbage and recycling collector. Residents, whether they recycle or not, will also see the refuse rate on their monthly water bill increase from $11.32 plus tax to $12.19 plus tax when the recycling cart program begins.

Arlington, which has offered curbside recycling since 1992, is joining a growing list of North Texas cities that have switched to wheeled carts. Recycling would continue to be collected once a week.

Residents still have mixed feelings on the program.

Richie Call and others say they look forward to the convenience of a roomier wheeled cart instead of the open bins that have to be carried to the curb.

"We've been overflowing our two that we have now for the past few months," Call wrote on the Arlington Citizen-Journal's Facebook page. "It'll be so much easier to roll it out in the morning, rather than lug the others out along with our trash every Tuesday."

Other residents say they oppose higher fees for a recycling cart they never asked for.

"I don't want the cart. I don't have enough room to store it. It's too big for me," Carolyn Hovey said, adding that it takes all month to fill up her two smaller bins now. "I'm not real pleased."

The larger carts can hold more recyclables and have a lid so that items don't blow out and litter neighborhoods on windy days, city officials have said.

The current bins also have to be picked up and dumped manually by workers but the new rolling carts can be picked up and dumped by trucks. That reduces the number of workers from three to one per truck and makes the job safer because workers don't have to cross streets to pick up bins, Republic Waste Services officials say.

The 94-cent monthly increase is expected to generate about $9.3 million in additional revenue over 10 years, which will help Republic Waste Services recoup most of its planned $10.1 million investment in the recycling program and a natural gas fuelstation.

This report includes material from the Star-Telegram archives.

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