October 2, 2012

Watch the presidential debate and play along with our 'lingo' bingo cards

The race for president gets serious tonight with the first debate, but you can have fun playing along with our bipartisan cards.

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Bingo card 1 | Bingo card 2 | Bingo card 3 | Bingo card 4

It's on.

Election Day is in five weeks and, as you might have noticed, the gloves are off.

Or maybe tennis, not boxing, should provide our lazy sports metaphor: It feels like our heads have been twisting endlessly back and forth, back and forth, as the two presidential nominees take turns landing winners or banging into the net.

Wednesday night, the contest intensifies even more, with the first of three debates between President Barack Obama and former Gov. Mitt Romney. Neither is a slouch on the debate stage, and experts on these things seem to agree that the stakes this time are especially high.

The topic is domestic policy, and moderator Jim Lehrer announced beforehand that fully half of the debate will be about the economy. Given the number of times you're likely to hear the words "taxes" and "jobs," we don't recommend you attempt a drinking game with those. Keep America safe: Try our bingo game instead.

Grab some snacks (Medicare "doughnut holes," anyone?), print out and pass around the four cards at right, along with a marker, to your friends or family. When you hear one of the words or phrases, or witness a described behavior, cross it off your card. First one to cross out a row of five wins!

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