August 2, 2012

Suspect in child porn case is mom with 2 children

Rosalyn E. Burdett, 40, worked for the Texas Health and Human Services Commission.

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One of the suspects accused in the sexual abuse of children case in Johnson County is a single mother with children, according to her Facebook page and authorities.

Rosalyn E. Burdett, 40, also was a medical eligibility specialist with the Texas Health and Human Services Commission, an agency official said late Wednesday.

Burdett, who was fired Thursday, had been working at the agency since March 2005, according to state records.

"Our employees work with the public and must maintain a strict standard of conduct," commission spokeswoman Carrie Williams said.

Burdett was arrested Monday at her home on County Road 526 in rural Johnson County.

She and Jay Thomas Morgan, 49, of Arlington remained in custody Thursday in connection with what authorities say is some of the worst child pornography seized in Johnson County in at least 35 years.

The case involves a 7-year-old boy and a 9-year-old girl, and Johnson County investigators will be serving search warrants elsewhere in Texas and in other states to find other possible victims, sheriff's Lt. Tim Jones said.

The suspects are accused of photographing themselves having sex with the children.

No other victims have been confirmed, but officials are following many leads, Jones said Thursday.

Morgan was arrested Tuesday at his job in Arlington. He told authorities that he is an engineer.

Each was in the Johnson County Jail with bail set at $500,000.

They are expected to be charged with multiple counts of aggravated sexual assault of a child, Jones said.

Burdett's two children have been placed in foster care, Child Protective Services spokeswoman Marissa Gonzales said late Wednesday. Burdett has no history with that agency, Gonzales said.

Investigators received an out-of-state tip Monday about possible child sexual abuse at Burdett's home.

Authorities confiscated graphic images there of adults performing sex acts on children.

Anyone with children who may have been in contact with the suspects should call the Johnson County Sheriff's Department: 817-556-6058, after hours at 817-556-6060.

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