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Keller school district isn't amused by students' end-of-year pranks

05/25/2012 11:46 PM

05/26/2012 11:44 AM

FORT WORTH -- Students at Keller Timber Creek High School set off stink bombs, threw balloons filled with baby oil, and unleashed snakes, rats, crickets and "little yellow birds" into hallways Friday.

At Keller Central High School, students broke out in a food fight.

And earlier in the week at Keller High School, seniors had a mock battle that included toy light sabers, water balloons and bags of flour.

All end-of-year pranks, but school district administrators are not laughing.

Keller district spokesman Bryce Nieman said students who violated the code of conduct will be disciplined by campus administrators or law enforcement if warranted. Nieman said preventing some seniors from taking part in graduation is "not out of the realm of possibility."

Nieman said at least two rats, a box of crickets and a canary were released in Timber Creek.

But a senior who asked not to be identified said: "It was pretty wild. It was like six snakes, a bunch of rats ... hundreds of crickets and little yellow birds."

The student said stink bombs were also set off in the cafeteria and hallways, creating more chaos.

"It was insane," he said. "I've never seen anything like it."

As the lunch period ended and students filled the hallways, "they started throwing balloons filled with baby oil. The floors got all slick, and administrators could not get control of it. It was like a riot."

He said that during the second lunch period, a food fight broke out.

Fort Worth police officers and additional district security personnel were called to Timber Creek and to Central, where a food fight got out of control.

Fort Worth police said there were no major incidents at the schools.

Keegan Goodson, a Timber Creek sophomore, said students were told that campus officials will review footage from security cameras to find culprits.

"Honestly, I don't think senior pranks are going to stop, but sometimes they take it too far," Goodson said. "There's a difference between a senior prank and disrupting the whole school day."

Staff writer Lee Williams contributed to this report.

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