January 25, 2012

Read it: 'Big Hugs, Little Hugs' perfect for preschoolers

Latest from ‘If You Give a Mouse a Cookie' illustrator is a great book to snuggle up with.

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Big Hugs, Little Hugs

by Felicia Bond

Philomel, $16.99

Ages 2-4

What it's about: Just in time for Valentine's Day, the bestselling artist of If You Give a Mouse a Cookie brings us this colorful and upbeat picture book showing all types of creatures hugging in all types of ways, all over the world. Bears, bats, even hogs and ants are illustrated showing their affection for one another.

Why read it: The bright and colorful pictures display the whimsy and fun you'd expect from Felicia Bond. The story shows hugs between animals loved by toddlers, like cats and dogs. She then illustrates creatures hugging in different ways, helping explore opposite relationships. Dinosaurs hug in the past, and robots hug in the future; spiders hug upstairs and raccoons hug each other in the basement. It's a perfect book to snuggle up to with a young child.

-- Sarai Brinker, Special to the Star-Telegram

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