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Scam costs Grapevine man $3,700

10/03/2011 10:53 PM

10/03/2011 11:20 PM

A Grapevine man was swindled out of almost $4,000 last week in yet another scam that has targeted elderly North Texas residents for the last few years.

The con, also known as the "granny scam" or "grandparent scam," has netted suspects millions of dollars every year since 2009 from elderly residents across the country, according to the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre.

The 78-year-old Grapevine man was bilked out of $3,700 on Thursday after he was contacted by a woman claiming to be his granddaughter.

The woman, who disguised her voice by crying for most of the conversation, told the man that she had been arrested in the Dominican Republic after being involved in a traffic accident, according to Grapevine police reports.

"She told him that she was arrested because she had driven away from the accident," said Grapevine police Sgt. Robert Eberling.

But the woman claimed that the victims would drop the charges for $3,700, the reports stated.

Trying to help the person he thought was his granddaughter, the Grapevine man wired two separate money orders to two people in the Dominican Republic, Grapevine police said Monday.

The man found out he was swindled Friday when he contacted his granddaughter to make sure she was out of jail, Eberling said. She said she hadn't been in an accident or been arrested and wasn't out of the country.

The man then called Grapevine police.

Area police say elderly residents should check with family members about helping in emergencies to avoid being swindled.

Domingo Ramirez Jr.,


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