August 30, 2011

American Airlines loses Jack the Cat in JFK shuffle

The search is on for Jack the Cat.

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The search is on for Jack the Cat.

On Thursday, Karen Pascoe checked in for her American Airlines flight at JFK Airport in New York and said goodbye to her two cats, Jack and Barry, as they were loaded into carriers and sent to the baggage area.

While waiting to board, she got the call: Jack was missing. Pascoe helped search for the cat, to no avail, before catching another flight to San Francisco.

When she hadn't heard anything by Sunday -- a day after Hurricane Irene shut down airports in the New York City area -- the Internet erupted with outrage.

A Facebook page was launched to share Jack's plight, including a manager telling Karen, "the last time this happened, it took about a month to find the cat. REALLY?!?"

And a Twitter hashtag, #findjackthecat, added pressure.

On Monday, American posted a lengthy response on its own Facebook page.

"We repeat our apologies for the upset caused by this situation, and wanted to share an update in our efforts to find Jack: American has offered Jack's owner, Karen, a flight to New York to personally visit the JFK operation and help assist with search efforts."

On Tuesday, American spokesman Ed Martelle added that the carrier's JFK employees are using a variety of methods to try to find Jack, such as setting cans of cat food by his kennel.

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