July 22, 2011

The ultimate list of things-to-do at nine months pregnant

Needless to say, there is a HUGE difference in how a mom handles it as a new recruit (from advice and books) and now as a veteran mother. So I'm presenting a new list called “The Ultimate List of Things to at Nine Months Pregnant.”

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I read an interesting article the yesterday comparing the differences in women those last 30 days before they had their first child and then their second child. Needless to say, there is a HUGE difference in how a mom handles it as a new recruit (from advice and books) and now as a veteran mother. So even though I had done this once before, it was more than three years ago, so I didn’t rule out that I might need a refresher.

After I read the resourceful list – I realized that although the list has some good stuff, there were some “other” things I thought might need to be added to create “The Ultimate List of Things to at Nine Months Pregnant.”

1.        Create a team to help you “get it all done.”

Best Mother’s Day gift my husband ever gave me was telling me to get a housekeeper to help me clean during those last few months and to help me once I brought the baby home. I also set up someone to pick up my other kiddo from school so I didn’t need to work out the details.


2.        Stock the cabinet with goods.

From paper towels, toilet paper, diapers and maxi pads, now’s the time to make some purchases. And because it’s almost time for school to start, I expanded my stocking to getting clothes for my son at a pre-fall sale. For under $60 I bought six pairs of shorts, two pairs of jeans, two shirts and a pair of shoes from The Children’s Place.


3.        Fix up some food and freeze it!

Great tip I had seen on many lists was to make some meals and put them in the freezer. As much as lasagna sounded good at nine months, I knew that at 1 month post-baby, that Italian fantasy might not be the best option for my menu. I’m still looking up some healthy ideas for the freezer, so if you have something not covered in cheese, send it over.


4.        Que up your Netflix with TV series and movies.

This is a no-brainer since you will be up every two hours for two weeks at least. You can either watch those lovely infomercials (and worse, start thinking you need to buy one) or you can get involved with a new mini-series so at least you have something to look forward to when you are feeding in the early morning hours.


5.        Lineup some projects to keep you busy.

This is the time to do things that you can do without much thought, but will allow you to enjoy yourself. I’ve been working on a craft project  for more than a year now, so I’m getting supplies ready to get this baby completed while I am at home.


6.        Date with daddy.

Yep, now is the time for a dinner and movie or a couples’ massage. There’s not much time left to enjoy each other, so do your marriage a favor and spend some relaxing and romantic moments before you add one more to your “baseball team.”


7.        Dates with the girls.

Girl time is almost as essential to your calendar as your hubby. Make lunch dates, get your hair done or have those toenails done (especially since you can’t see how bad they look right now!)


8.        Date with yourself.

I have a few things I’ve always wanted to do – like visit a new restaurant  and check out some local attractions, so I’m thinking of taking off a few afternoons to remember what it is like to enjoy time without my to kiddos.

So what do you think of the list? Got anything to add? Can you give me some suggestions for places to go, things to do, meals to freeze, shows to watch or dinner places I must try? Please send them to me – I’d love to know what helped you during the last month before you welcomed your little one!

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