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Create easy Easter Baskets

03/30/2010 2:02 PM

03/30/2010 2:14 PM

Easter is one of my favorite holidays, it seems to initiate spring time with all of the bright colors, pastels, and flowers. Many families come together to share their faith and love for one another during this holiday season which is filled with Easter plays, egg hunts, baby chicks, chocolate, and of course the Easter Bunny.

Some parents choose to celebrate the holiday by providing Easter baskets for their kids, and oftentimes moms and dads find prepackaged items in local stores but today we will talk about creative and cost effective ways to design great personalized Easter baskets not only for your kids but your friends, neighbors, teachers, even moms and dads using everyday items.

One of my personal favorites is an Easter basket favor. It is a small miniature basket that contains grass and a mini gift. You can use a small cookie tin, a small basket you have at home, or even a envelope. Decorate your basket with felt cutouts, paint, or bunny ears. Then add chocolates, mini stamps, a cross pendant, a small frame, writing pads, or any little goodie that would make someone smile. These are perfect for neighbors, teachers, and friends.

You can also step out of the traditional and make Easter baskets for moms, dads, and grandparents too. Find berry baskets, decorative flower pots, or wooden baskets. You can spray paint these items or cover them with decorative liners. Add grass, decorative eggs, and small gifts that mom, dad, or grandpa would enjoy, for example, inexpensive body washes, a $5.00 gift certificate for a movie rental, or gardening tools.

Last but certainly not least is the Easter gift basket perfect for kids. This a personalized basket made especially for your kids with all of their favorite goodies. These are great because you can use something as simple as a pale for the beach, monogrammed felt bags, or baskets that can be decorated with feather boas for girls and sports memorabilia for boys. Include all of their favorite trinkets, balls, lip gloss, bracelets, sunglasses, silly socks, and bubbles. If you are like me you will keep candy at a minimum with maybe just a few pieces here and there along with decorative plastic eggs that come cheap and can be reused again next year!


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