Illegal immigration

Thursday, Jul. 31, 2014

The United States is now $18 trillion in debt. How are we supposed to accommodate even more who are not able to contribute anything but will be dependents of our social programs in some cases for their entire lives?

Honoring the infantry

Thursday, Jul. 31, 2014

An interesting article and photo in “Time Lines” on July 28, was about Camp Bowie and the 36th Infantry Division, Texas-Oklahoma National Guard.

How it should work

Thursday, Jul. 31, 2014

What if Congress and the President were paid based on accomplishment and not just for being elected?

Unaffordable insurance

Thursday, Jul. 31, 2014

I originally was in favor of the principles of the Patient Access and Affordable Care Act, otherwise known as Obamacare.

Cowboys and politics

Thursday, Jul. 31, 2014

At least we were able to say, “Thank God for the Rangers.”

Licenses required

Wednesday, Jul. 30, 2014

I am a pediatric radiologic technologist (RT) registered with the American Registry of RTs and a licensed Texas medical RT.

Problem with unions

Wednesday, Jul. 30, 2014

As a longtime American Airlines shareholder and frequent flier, it was encouraging to see the headline regarding American’s record-breaking profits. (See: “Strong earnings are forecast for airlines,” July 20)

Granger gets it right

Wednesday, Jul. 30, 2014

U.S. Rep. Kay Granger wisely believes that unaccompanied children entering the U.S. illegally are better off entering legally under the care and protection of their parents and should be returned to them quickly and that their parents are best off entering the U.S. legally, with them.

Companies are responsible

Wednesday, Jul. 30, 2014

The fertilizer companies are blaming the city of West for not being prepared for an explosion.

Change direction

Tuesday, Jul. 29, 2014

I was born during the Great Depression. Milked cows for milk and raised chickens for eggs.