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Abbott says he grieves for Davis

Wendy Davis Memoir

Eric Gay / AP

The Republican gubernatorial candidate says “losing a child is beyond tragic for any parent.” Fort Worth Democrat Wendy Davis tells her story to ABC News’ Good Morning America.

Bush takes a more moderate tone on environmental issues.

The GOP nominee to be Texas land commissioner believes climate change is a serious threat to the state, but he stops short of attributing it to human activity.

Trial over Texas voter ID begins this week

Whatever the verdict, it isn’t expected to affect the November elections.

Opinion By Bud Kennedy

Davis still running, but scenery isn’t changing

Barring a surprise, two political science scholars see a 10-point victory, or more, for Republican Greg Abbott.

Texas governor’s race: Sure thing? Or stunning upset?

As the campaign enters a frantic final two months, Democrats believe they’re capable of pulling an Election Day shocker while Republicans remain confident they’ll keep their lock on statewide offices.