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July 9, 2014

Whole Foods opens its doors in Colleyville

The specialty grocer will be luring customers with interesting offerings including a Neapolitan-style wood-grilled pizza oven and a full bar.

Colleyville sits pretty perfectly in between Grapevine, HEB and Southlake, so no one is ever very far from anything, especially grocery stores. But the organic leader Whole Foods is set to open its doors this week to the Tarrant-county suburb and has worked fiercely to not just add another name to food + grocery options in the area, but to make its presence known by luring customers with some interesting lifestyle offerings including a Neapolitan-style wood-grilled pizza oven and a full bar. (Yes, a bar!)

With Market Street less than a mile away on the same street, one has to wonder: “How many premier grocery stores do you need in one spot?” However, if it’s any indication of other busy DFW upscale subburbs like Plano and Allen, we can’t get enough of our grocery experience. While Amazon and other online retailers continue to dominate the shopping biosphere, we want our grocery experience to feel like we just stepped foot into the farmland to wipe the dew of a newly picked apple. I’m one of those people that take great joy in my grocery duties (as long as I don’t have a kid in tow) and now have grown accustom to grinding my own coffee beans and almond butter. Funny though it was these types of activities many of the grocery stores I grew up with were trying to help you not have to do – like make your own peanut butter, have your meat cut and grind up your own coffee. To be honest, I love that we’ve taken this back into our own hands and bellies.

The new Colleyville Whole Foods brings a lot of the features WF fans have come to expect in their grocery experience like:
  • 12-foot cheese case with more than 300 cheeses available including 10 local brands
  • 10-foot olive bar 40-foot set of cold beer
  • 4-foot set of cold wine 12 feet of bulk coffee, roasted in house
  • Huge deli with several hot and cold options
However, it's the BBQ, the Neapolitan-style wood-grilled pizza oven and the cool bar that has been a successful in other Whole Foods stores like Addison's store/bar called the Spirit of 1976, that Whole Foods has put a special touch on in the Big C. However, Colleyville's bar is much larger with its own entrance, three big screen TVs, food service, growler program and capability to grab a local brew or a glass of bubbly while you shop (be careful shopping and drinking!) While the doors opened to Whole Foods today in Colleyville, customers are invited to participate in the grand opening fun all week, July 8 - July 12  with Community Giving Week with 1% of net proceeds benefiting some of your favorite local non-profit organizations.

No mom guilt when you buy grocery and make some money for charity!

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