A Case of the Crazies

04/23/2014 11:05 AM

04/23/2014 11:05 AM



It's official! We've got the annual "Case of the Crazies" at our house.


I'm sure you know the symptoms:

  • "It's hot outside! School must almost be over, right?"
  • "Homework? Aw, who cares? School is almost over."
  • "Mom, we have Fine Arts Day, Field Day, Picnic with the Principal and a field trip this week. Can you come?"
  • "We had three extra recesses today!"
  • "Let's just go swimming!"
  • Bedtime? It's still light outside! I can't possibly go to sleep!"
  • "We have school next week? But my friend, Billy is already done for the year!"

Sound familiar? Yes, this is the last six weeks of school, for us. 

The weather has finally turned permanently (?) warm. The sun is up until 8:00 pm. The calendar is filled with end-of-year parties, dance recitals and baseball games. Our private school friends are finished with class, in mid-May, while we trudge onward until the first week of June. (Don't you just love those extra snow days?!)

In any case, it is a herculean effort to maintain some semblance of a routine, early bedtime and calm children. 

What these little darlings don't know, and that I'll never admit, is I AGREE WITH THEM!!! 

Yes, I'd rather just go swimming! I do think it feels like summer and yes, let's stay up until dark! In fact, let's go get ice cream!


I feel like the wicked witch of the west, proclaiming: "Come on! We have to leave this super fun spontaneous baseball scrimmage with your pals to go take a shower and get to bed!"

Please, dear last-weeks-of-school, go easy on us.

Fly by, quickly, and be filled with fun. Let's not have any bad grades, difficult friends or drama of any kind. Deliver us some weeks of scholastic success, end-of-year events and family togetherness.


We'll be swiftly over our annual Case of the Crazies and on to full blown summer happiness!


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