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June 5, 2013

School Mom vs. Summer Mom


School Mom vs. Summer Mom: Is there a difference at your house?

There certainly is, at mine.

School Mom is all about bedtimes, making beds, eating breakfast at the table, no TV before school, homework before screen time, posting the family schedule calendar, making appointments and being clean before getting into bed again.



Doesn't sound like much fun, does she? Probably not, but she is a necessary evil.

Summer Mom is less concerned about bedtimes, happy to eat breakfast on the couch, while watching TV, fine with swimsuits as all-day-attire, prefers endless blank calendar-squares, likes ice cream for dinner, and is still all about being clean before getting into bed again.

(Yes, that last one is year-round. I can't help it.)

With two days of school left, I am desperately clinging to School Mom rules, while really wanting to unleash Summer Mom fun. It's time.

I don't have any more lunch-packing left in me. I agree that "it's still light out, how can it be bedtime?!" I don't want to have to be anywhere at a specific time. I don't really even want to answer questions, solve problems or remember important dates.

I just want to put everyone in their swim suits and call it a day.

The countdown is on.

(But I'll still be responsible for soap and shampoo.)


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