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April 8, 2013

Small Movements, Big Results with New Pure Barre in Arlington

See how my Try-it Tuesday went at the new Pure Barre studio in Arlington.

Disclaimer: I received a trial class in exchange for this review. However, the opinions expressed here are 100 percent my own. (Accordance with FTC's 16 CFR Part 255, "Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.")


Try-it Tuesday:

I've tried a LOT of workouts in my journey to be healthy. Some of them, like my trip to CitySurf Fitness and Politicians Pole Dancing took a lot of coordination. So I was relieved when I found out that there was a Pure Barre opening in my neck of the woods. (The same of the neck of the woods that is home to every major restaurant chain in the universe all down one road and scored one of the Fatest Cities in America.


And the thought of moving like a ballerina and flexing my leg looked pretty easy, so I was gonna be like the next Black Swan. 

Oh, did I have a lot to learn. 

While Pure Barre does mirror many movements used by ballerinas with the use of the barre, it is so much more. Considered an "intelligent exercise" (because smart women like me do it...not really, but the idea made me laugh), the PBT is a total body workout using small isometric movements set to contemporary music to keep you paced while you burn. 

Oh, yes, you will feel the burn. But in a good way. (Like the you-know-change-is-happening-kind-of-way!)


Best of all, results are said to happen within 10 classes. (Now that's good enough for me!) 

So donning my grippy socks I picked up from the studio, I entered the doors to what felt like NYC with an industrial, clean and modern design. The class began with a friendly instructor who provided a demo of each move and then glided around the class to provide assistance if needed. Each move was easily understood, although not peformed - at least not by me, yet. I'll admit it was deceivingly hard, but that was the point. I wasn't going to start changing all that mama-middle of mine by doing the same things I already was doing. And it was amazing to think that these small movements were going to make some big change. 

Using a ball, workout band, small hand weights and a mat, I spent 55-minutes of luxurious and utter pain. And I loved it. When I couldn't do anymore I stopped, took a breath, and got back in it. And when that didn't work, I thought about the bathing suit I wanted to wear soon. And when I needed one more push, I looked over at the studio's owner, Deshanda Firmin. 


Meeting her at the front desk it's hard to miss her smile and her enthusiasm for Pure Barre. A succcessful pharmacist, Deshanda began taking Pure Barre and loved it instantly. So much so she quit her lucrative job to begin her own practice of spreading Pure Barre to Arlington. It was her dedication and passion that was able to get me through that first class. 

The next day, I booked my second class. And today, I booked my next month's worth. 

Ready to get your Pure Barre on? Then just try out one class. That's not too much to ask to begin your transformation. 

Also, make sure you act fast on their unlimited five-week package for only $100. That's more than enough opportunity to see what Pure Barre can do for you. 

Pure Barre Arlington

2500 NE Green Oaks, Suite 128

Arlington, Texas 76006





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