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March 5, 2013

Rolling in the Deep: Jiu Jitsu Done Family Style

Being pinned down on the ground is normally not the way I like to workout (at least not most the time) . However, when it involves burning up to 600-800 calories, teaching discipline AND spending time with my kids, I can definitely be convinced.

And that’s exactly how I found myself at the Independent Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Academy in south Arlington. Surrounded by people of all ages, I was able to explore the whole new world of jiu jitsu. Opening its doors last October, the staff (who also work as firemen and other community roles by day) has more than 60 years of combined experience that allow them to focus on not just the sport of jiu jitsu, but also how it can arm women with self-defense skills and help children deal with the ever-growing issue of bullying.

The guy on top? It was his first day and his first class, too.   

While I was very hesitant to get into the thick of things, I quickly learned you just had to get in there and do it. From the moment you give respect to the mat (which you do every time you enter the mat area), I felt immediately comfortable and safe as I listened intently to the instructors about how to perform the proper techniques to defend myself by taking the “fight to the ground.” I also learned that the focus of the practice wasn’t just the technique, but also by empowering its students to build confidence, discipline and awareness, I was also arming myself with skills that could prevent me from being put in compromising situations as well as how to protect myself if I was.

Be careful if you see me in a dark alley...I can take care of my own (with some more practice, of course.)
But what I was most impressed about at the studio was the environment and opportunity it provided not only me, but also for my kids. Bullying isn’t necessarily a new issue for kids to have to deal with, but it certainly is a growing one as kids find new ways to hurt their peers like through texting and internet. As a mom of two young children, it’s definitely a topic I have to deal with; teaching to not bully as well as how to handle themselves appropriately in the case that they are a victim. And just like any parent, I’d like to provide them all the skills necessary to make good decisions and to be the best that they could be. That is also the same mission as the Independent Brazilian Jiu Jitsu studio’s family classes.

Learning jiu jitsu as a family can teach your kids how to take care of themselves (and you if you don't attend with them...just kidding.)
That’s right, game night has changed in 2013 – now we have family jiu jitsu! It’s actually such an incredible concept, as parents are allowed to take classes with their children to not just understand what their child is learning, but also to engage with their child as they learn and grow together in their practice. With parents working so hard to juggle family time, workout time, and the other fuss of the day, Independent Brazilian Jiu Jitsu allows the entire family to benefit without adding one more tasks you need to try to fit into those already crammed-backed schedules.

If you’re still scared that “fighting” is not your thing, first, understand – it’s all about protection! Second, I invite you to go into any of their classes (see schedule below) and see exactly how comfortable, fun and empowering the experience can be. And if you’re ready to get your grapple on, then give them a call to set up your membership.  
Best of all, if you mention this article, you get half off your membership when you sign up!  

Independent Brazilian Jiu Jitsu
7201 South Cooper Street Ste 111
Arlington, Texas 76001

IBJJA Class Schedule 
Monday: Kids/Family 5:45-6:30pm Adult Basic 6:45-7:45pm Adult Advanced 7:45-8:45pm
Tuesday: Adult Basic 6:45-7:45pm Krav Maga 7:45-9:00pm
Wednesday: Kids/Family 5:45-6:30pm Adult Basic 6:45-7:45pm Adult Advanced 7:45-8:45pm

Thursday: Adult Basic 6:45-7:45pm Adult advanced  No Gi 7:45-8:45pm

Saturday: Kids/Family 10:30-11:30am Adult Basic 11:30-12:30pm Open Mat 12:30-2:00pm




Ready to take on something new or enjoy some more family fun? Then join Autumn at!  

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