Where I Want to Be

02/20/2013 10:04 AM

02/20/2013 10:04 AM


This is where I am:



This is where I want to be:



Does anyone else out there feel like this every February?

Every year, at this time, the call of the tropics beckons me. It's especially loud, right now, as I know people who are actually lounging on this very beach at this very moment. 

In reality, the Spring Break that comes in March will be spent at kid parties, kid soccer and baseball practices and kid play dates. Lunch with friends will have to be my highlight, as there will be no plane ride to an exotic location. 

And, that's actually okay.

As much as I might like to dream about the beach, where I really want to be is with my family. As surely as February brings a wish for a fruity drink and a suntan, it also brings my daughter's birthday and class Valentine Parties. As surely as March brings that highlighted Spring Break, it also brings the start of Zoo Visits, longer trips to the park and the build-up to dance recitals and baseball tournaments. Who would want to miss all of that?!

Really, this is where I want to be:

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