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February 6, 2013

One More Difference...

The differences between boys and girls are many and obvious.


From the moment I found out that I would have a little girl, who would become a little sister to my sweet boy, most people offered comments about these differences.

"Well, you'll have a whole different experience with her."

"You will get to find out that what works with a boy, does not work with a girl!"

"Wow, you're in for quite a ride, with one of each."


Agreed. Our boy and are girl ARE very different. Whether it is a result of gender, or simply of personality, we'll never know, but they are their own little puzzles.


Volume Level.

Amount of Imagination.

Ability to Negotiate.

Willingness to Reason a Solution.

Emotion Level.

Opinions about Attire (Can you guess which way this one goes?)


In all of these ways, and many others, our boy and our girl are not the same.


And just when I thought something might be similar, I've found it to be totally different:



With the boy, as long as there is cake and physical activity, we're good.

Not so much with the girl. What seemed so simple, a tea party, has become an "Event to Be Planned." Girls, we've discovered, do better with specific activities. A free-for-all giant play date won't work.



Games must be organized. And several of them, as they only take four minutes, each. If people had told me, six years ago, that I would be formatting Tea Party Bingo Cards and a Tea Cake Walk chart at midnight, I'd have thought they were crazy.

Yet, here I am. I've also discovered that little girls like their name on things. The "everybody grab a goodie bag on your way out" idea that worked just fine for the boys, has morphed into personalized arts and crafts. You'd think I wasn't ever a little girl, myself, the way this is all surprising me. Maybe it was just too long ago.

Our girl has very specific wishes for her party, too. She is delighted to be involved with the planning of the tea cups and the preparation of the art supplies. She has opinions about the tea sandwiches and which fruit should be served. 

I can honestly say that my son has never been that interested in the specifics of his party events, only checking, just before his friends arrive, that there is, in fact, a cake.

When, finally, the big day arrives, and the PARTY happens, I hope that my girly-girl is happy. I hope that she is beaming with joy, after the time with her friends. I hope she remembers the day as fantastic.

I will be exhausted. And relieved. And happy, too.

Happy for her, and happy for me, that the next kid-party on our calendar is the boy's!



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