Yoga Pose: Passing Wind

01/29/2013 10:34 AM

01/29/2013 10:34 AM

This week’s challenge to make a BETTER ME was to try a hot yoga at a place I’ve been meaning to attend for way too long. I was so excited to get to finally go…And as I’ll share here, it was oneof the best (and embarrassing) experiences ever. Read on to find out why.

I’ve done yoga in a lot of places for a many years…Don’t be fooled though. I’m not any good at it; I just can’t call myself a beginner anymore (but maybe a beginner II.) Since I was exploring fun ways to lose weight, itwas time to finally take a "hot" yoga class. Lucky for me, they were also running an unlimited yoga for $25 introductory offer, so I signed up. 

The next day, I was so blooming excited; I put on my best yoga outfit and showed up for my 8:45 AM class (6 AM was too early to try something new.) When I arrived I was greeted by my a woman who was friendly and made me feel at ease about my *first time.* It seemed so yoga-riffic!

The room itself was also very warm, apparently more than 9 5degrees warm. The floor was made of cork and felt soft, yet firm on the soles of my bare feet. The interior was simple with clean lines, fixtures and minimal décor. Yet, different than other studios, there were no mirrors. No music and no instructor at the front of the room. 
Oh, this was going to be different.

But I was already in this saddle, so I had to ride it out, no matter what.

The hour and half we spent practicing was amazing. While I had no one in the front to look at for demonstration or a mirror to try to copythe other students in the room, I was able to listen to the instructor on what to do with my body and how. I had to rely, listen and trust myself and my breathing to do each pose. It was kinda magical…(or maybe I was starting to hallucinate?) Eitherway, it was great.  

Did I mention by doing this you lose up to 600 calories an hour?  (Photo courtesy
But then after about 25 minutes of upward-downward dog, warrior 1 & 2 - it happened.

My bliss suddenly turned to embarrassment when I totally ripped one in the quiet classroom with no music and I knew no one. Well, not really ripped one, as passed one, as I would come to find out in my future research.

Lucky me. 
Thankfully, no one in the classroom snickered, so I was able to finish the class. While totally red-faced, I was able to blame it on the heat, so I could escape without making an issue.


When I got home, I went straight to one of my best friends, Google, for answers.

I couldn’t believe what I found!

First, I certainly wasn’t the only woman who ever did the Passed Wind “pose” in class. It actually seemed quite common, especially for women whohave had children. This passing of air happens because of the the loosening of the pelvic floor that happens during pregnancy and childbirth. I even found astory of a pharmacist who would see swarms of women come into his drugstore before a yoga class and consume large amounts of anti-this and-that in hopes to try to keep the “vart” (as AuntYoga described it) from happening.

While this made me feel better at home, I still had to faceup to the challenge: returning to the class that I was so excited and embarrassed to attend again.  

I’ll be happy to report I haven’t had any more embarrassing issueshappen since the first one, but perhaps it looks like I was able to conquer “Passing Wind” for now. I've returned around four times now, upgraded my yoga mat and purchased my first yogitoes

Never heard of a "yogitoes?" I hadn't either, but you better learn. For this class, you're gonna need it. It helps to contain the euphoria and the other pose I'm trying to avoid: the falling on my face.  

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