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January 22, 2013

Move over Pilates, Pole Dancing Builds a HARD CORE

I'm all about trying to get off the weight, but I'm sure you'll agree the idea of being on a treadmill day after day makes it hard to get motivated enough to get your hiney moving beyond all the other things you have to do every day. So in my pursuit of creating a BETTER ME in 2013, I decided to jump off the normal exercise routine and look at some unique options for working off the inches while keeping my interest peaked. 

Oh, mama, did I.  This week's Try-It Tuesday brought me to pole dancing. *blush*

Yes, I did folks, I walked right on in to that class and rocked that pole...actually, that pole rocked me in ways I didn't even expect! 
I wasn't sure actually what to expect, so in hindsight I probably should have done a few shots before going, but in the name of blogging I was committed to finding out how this could make me fit and not just feel fabulous. 

Once again, a Groupon caught my eye and I decided to buy a package for POLEITICIANS Fitness Studio. Close to home in Arlington (with other locations in Richardson and Rockwall), I threw on my leggings and tank top and womaned up to whatever I was asked to TRY to do.  After circling the parking lot for 20 minutes, I found myself in a small room with six poles, a group of ladies (including 3 newbies + myself) and a powerful professional pole teacher, all ready for Level 1. We didn't waste anytime getting into working our bodies; only five-minutes into the class for the warm-up, I could feel my poor core and thighs just shaking. 


Man, move over pilates, pole dancing is where it is at to work that core!  

I was able to continue to the actually routine portion of the class to learn how to do the Martini and a Rockstar... Oh, my again I thought again after seeing Rashinda demonstrate the moves. There's NO way I can do that. Between pointing my toes all the time (think ballerina), holding out my arms appropriately and then swinging my legs close to the pole, but not around the pole, I wasn't even going to be able to complete my first class much less graduate to Level 2 in a few weeks. 

Well I'm glad to report, I did. Maybe not very well and let's just say, if you paid to come see me at BabyDolls, you'd ask for your money back, but I felt like a Rockstar (which was good since that was supposed to be performing.) 

Now, I'm sure you are looking for that photo of me mid pole, but let's just say: 


It ain't happenin' least not at this point. 

This photo is one of the instructors showing how to do the pose properly, but I promise if I can actually make it to the last class, I will be happy to take a photo since my body, especially my abs, will look amazing. Now I know why people contunue to do this workout and lose mega pounds like 10-100 lbs. 

Now if that's not enough reason to take to the pole, then consider it for your next girlfriend get together. And make sure you have socks, shorts and a little pole wax! Not only do you get an out-of-this-world workout, you do feel like a stronger, more confident and sexier you. 

Can't beat that, right? 
(All photos courtesy of Politicians Fitness Studio.)
Politicians Fitness Studio
Richardson, Rockwall and Arlington

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