It's Back to School! It's Fall!

08/15/2012 11:06 AM

08/15/2012 11:06 AM


It's Back-to-School! It's Fall! Time to put away the swim suits and shorts and get out the sweaters for the cool mornings! Say goodbye to the sunscreen and popsicles and hello to the warm socks and hot chocolate!


Or not.


As I prepare for my kids' entrance to Kindergarten and Second Grade, I find myself in a strange place. We're choosing backpacks and lunch boxes, but buying the pants that are a size too large, because no one will wear them for three more months. We're labeling uniforms and trying on new shoes, in between swim parties. It is too hot to be outside in the middle of the afternoon, and yet, we're supposed to be winding down our summer schedule and gearing up for earlier bedtimes.

This is weird. It is still hot and it is still August.

I am not a native Texan. My Minnesota Back-to-School memories actually look and sound like the first few sentences of this post. I really did look forward to my sweaters and hot chocolate of the first day of school. We were in Minnesota AND we always started on the day after Labor Day.  

I have lived in Texas for half of my life and I am still not used to this "school starts in the summer" feeling. The concept of buying new school shorts is still crazy, even though this is my third year to do it. I feel like the worst mom, ever, as I force my kids to bed at 8:30 (yes, late!) and it is still light outside. I suffer some kind of alternate-reality experience when I pick my kids up from school and deliver them to the swimming pool. 


Alas, here we are. The kids are excited about their new school shorts. We all know that the First Day of School is one of the hottest days of the year. Sunscreen for Fall Soccer and Baseball is completely normal to them. They associate "Autumn" with Thanksgiving...maybe. 

Simply, their Back-to-School memories will be different from mine. Who knows? Maybe one of them will be living in Vermont when their kids are going back to school. Then, their memories of 100 degree "First Days" will seem unbelievable.

Their kids will have to call Grandma to talk about those crisp Fall mornings. I will love it.


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