Cowtown has gone Uptown

Tiffany Fulcher

07/26/2012 9:00 AM

07/26/2012 12:56 AM

When I received the email about girls night out at West 7th I was beyond excited! Not because its summer and I have had the privilege of sharing my home office with 3 little people day in and day out, but a girls night out sounded like TONS of FUN!!!

Needless to say I called all the ladies, Facebooked, Tweeted and gathered a group for West 7th Street's, Girls Night Out!!

As luck would have it everyone fell through at the 12th hour, sitter issues, sick kids, you name it they had it and low and behold I was all alone.

Never one to miss an opportunity for a glass of wine and shopping, I headed out for a night on the town!

First stop Brownstone, who knew the food was soooo good and for girls night they had martini's, champagne, wines, all of it discounted and with waiters on hand ready to keep your glasses full! I splurged on a little wine an appetizer and then made my way to the shops!

Now, I have been to West 7th in Fort Worth my fair share of times, generally with my husband whose only interest lies in two things food and movies, occasionally we get to Lucky Strikes but for the most part food and movies. With this being said, I was shocked to find all of the great bargains at the wonderful boutiques that lined the streets.

As a self proclaimed fashionista (you may not think so but whatever -insert valley girl voice here), I have a deep, unadulterated love for clothing, let me be more specific I have a deep unadulterated love for fun, quirky, originally designed clothing and I love boutique shopping. 

First stop Toni and Guy, now I know what you are saying, this is a hair salon but I wanted to be sure to get the full experience so I dropped on by. I had the joy of meeting some of the stylist, listening to female vocalist of the year Heather Roberts AND checking out some admirable styling done by some of the ladies in the salon. There were lots of side swept bangs, soft braided do's and the stunningly classic bob on display with several clients and employees. Gorgeous looks if I must say so myself and the staff was generous, knowledgeable and extremely helpful! I would certainly make it my go to place for a cut, color, or style. 

Next stop Flirt boutique! I think the name says it all, sexy little dresses that are perfect for date night, tops, blouses, skirts and jeans with a modern but very unique flair and accessories to match every outfit! Not to mention that night they were featuring jewelry from BON BON a line created by Michah Yancey and featured on Gossip Girl!

I bought the cutest dress and blouse from here and while checking out the owner proceeded to let me know that they were donating proceeds CASA (court appointed special advocates for children) how stupendous, now I can by two more shirts in support of children's advocacy...I love it!


Then there was FIG, WRARE, and Teskeys! There was so much more shopping to be done, wine and appetizers at every location and the greatest staff members you ever want to meet! 

FIG was the epitome of class with a European flair and custom Fort Worth, who knew! I was overly impressed with the owners immense knowledge of custom materials, fit, and design. Each and every piece can be ordered and tailored to your specific measurements. For a lady like me that's good news...this means I can wear my actual size instead of the size I wear after sliding into two pairs of spanx one on top of the other...ok maybe I am the only one who does that! They also featured leather handbags and briefcases. Did I mention that everything was an additional 10%-20% off just for ladies night?!!

Keenas provided a wonderful shopping experience with just the right trends. There denim was a cut above and the entire store felt like Nordstroms in a small boutique. I enjoyed the trendy pieces, unique designs, and the variety that was just enough to leave people guessing where you made your purchase!

Last stop on my tour (not because I wanted to stop shopping but because it was over 100 degrees and in between shops I was sweating so bad it look like I had been apart of the Ft. Worth Zoo run) was Teskeys. 

Let me just say I fell in love, only in Fort Worth will you find True Religion jeans and cowboy boots! There are walls and walls  of cowboy boots, pink, purple, green, turquoise, you name it they have it! They also have trendy and unique furnishings, clothing, and horse saddles. I bought a cowboy hat, lovely white dress, and found my new favorite cowboy boots to be purchased at a later date (they were $539.00 who knew pink cowboy boots were so expensive!)! I am an official cowgirl now, well almost but once I get my boots I will be! The unique, quirky, fun and creative design of this store just filled my heart with joy! Even the dressing rooms were a thing of beauty, I could have stayed here all night!

Finally following my final purchase and a text from my spouse asking when I would return home (had it been that long) I decided leaving West 7th would be the best thing for me and my credit card! I promised myself the next time I take in a movie or dining we will go a little early for some shopping, then I thought again because shopping with my husband generally involves a budget, a very small one, so I will go at it alone, just like I did on this night! Cowtown has gone Uptown and I absolutely love it!

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