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July 5, 2012

SOS: Save Our Skin with New Rubdown on Sunscreen

In Texas when you expect to reach 100 degree temps for most of the summer, you should know the importance of sunscreen. Now that I'm not as young as I used to be (and as dumb either when I baked in the sun using Crisco oil as sunscreen), I really appreciate the concept of "be nice to your skin and it will be nice to you." Worst of all with the new ranking of #9 Worst City for Skin in the U.S . by Daily Glow online and two kids with almost translucent skin, sunscreen is a must.


However, while buying my new sunscreen supply for this year, I started hearing new standards for sunscreen …and there were several new guidelines to understand.

Thankfully trusty MyFoxDFW reporter “Save Me Steve” Noviello channeled my questions and put together a great segment that helped me try to breakdown what I should and not be looking for on my sunscreen.

Now a little more educated on what to look for in my sunscreen, I came across two new products from Banana Boat that caught my eye – one for being natural and the other for not making me feel gross as soon as I put it on.
Banana Boat® Natural Reflect™ sunscreen lotion – An all-natural sun protection line that deflects UVA and UVB rays without the use of harsh chemical sunscreens, new Banana Boat® Natural Reflect™ products are water resistant, oxybenzone- and paraben-free and are 100 % naturally-sourced mineral sunscreen with zinc oxide. Banana Boat® Natural Reflect™ sunscreen lotions are available for adults in SPF 50+, and in Tear-Free, Sting-Free SPF 50+ lotions for kids and babies.

Banana Boat® Sport Performance® Cool Zone™ Continuous Spray Sunscreen – Available in SPF 30 and 50+, Banana Boat® Sport Performance® Cool Zone™ Continuous Spray Sunscreen provides active UVA and UVB protection that instantly cools skin on contact, for a clean, refreshing feeling. The line also includes the Banana Boat® Cool Zone™ After Sun Aloe Gel to provide cooling burn relief to refresh skin after a day in the sun.


Every morning along with breakfast, dressing and teeth brushing, I have to coat my kiddo in sunscreen for the day. While he needs several coats of sunscreen before the end of the day, this is all I can do since the school cannot apply sunscreen. 


Since the FDA classified sunscreen as at an over-the-counter medicine, most schools don’t allow them – including my son’s school.

So I was SUPER excited when I discovered my favorite sunscreen multitasking serum from Supergoop!has initiated a campaign called Project Backpack to help get kids protected from the sun. Project Backpack™ serves as a vehicle to influence change in local and state policies, allowing the use of sunscreen on school campuses, while simultaneously providing sunscreen to schools across the United States.
Bet you haven’t ever thought about your sunscreen that much?!? Just make sure now with all this info, read the labels, throw out the old stuff, know what you’re getting and how often to reapply!

Happy Summer Adventures in the Sun!  

Disclaimer: I was provided Banana Boat Sunscreen products for purposes of this review. However, all views expressed are all my own.

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