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June 13, 2012

LIttle Sisters and Baseball



Things for little sisters to do, with other little sisters, while their big brothers are practicing or playing All Star-Little League Baseball every night in the month of June:


1.Try to hang from the sun-drenched metal bleachers, just long enough for little hands to sustain minor burns.

2. Stage a pseudo-doll-hospital along the grass, complete with Hershey Bar wrapper bandages and Twizzler thermometers.

3. Make mud pies by pouring water from drink cups into the small patch of sand, found hidden behind one side of the field. Made while wearing white sandals that are now vaguely tan.

4. Mix bug spray into hand-held water misters and call it "Magic Mist."

5. Gorge on blue Gatorade, blue cotton candy, blue Air Heads and blue popsicles, resulting in blue teeth and tongue lasting three more days, despite near constant teeth brushing.

6. Lose a rubber baseball 483 times, from the highest point on the bleachers. Insist upon disrupting 25 other people, with every trip down, to pick it up again.

7. Giggle. Incessantly and Loudly. Also, contagiously.

8. Steal the big brothers' after-practice snacks, when neither moms nor brothers are looking. Perfect the innocent face when discovered.

9. Sweat.

10. After being at the field for two hours, whether for practice or a game, consistently ask: "Did we win?"


And most importantly, provide entertainment for parents, who would otherwise be stuck, merely watching baseball. 

Also, importantly, give sweaty, dirty big brother a hug, afterward, no matter what the outcome.

A little sister's job is never done.


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