A Little Help for Your H20

06/10/2012 12:01 AM

06/10/2012 12:10 AM

It’s free.

  It’s readily available.

It’s fat free, calorie free and absolutely necessary for good health.

But no matter how many reasons and times I read it and hear it, I just can’t make myself drink the amount I should.

Yep, it’s water.


I’ve tried many ways including using a big jug (you know the one that looks like a Sparkletts’ jug, chugged water before each meal and my favorite method that worked for my grandmother – putting rubber bands around my water bottle to keep up with the number of times that I had filled it up throughout the day…but somehow I always end up at the end of the day counting up like 2 whole glasses of water – if that.

Since none of the personal tips were working for me, I decided to go to the source. Understand – I actually like the taste of water, but there’s just some issue with me drinking it. I love lemonade, tea and ironically I normally order water with lemon when I dine out , but for some reason I have to do a little something to the “home” supply to liven in up. Once I started to investigate, I realized there were actually a lot of options AND none of them required me to add sugar. Actually many of them added a lot of good stuff like vitamins and lose weight. 
So this mama was on to her next challenge, “what’s the best H20 Helper?”
Skinny Girl Daily Vitamin Power Packets


I already love me some Bethenny Frankel and my Skinny Girl Margaritas, so I figured that in the spirit of a little foul-mouthed love, I’d love me some Skinny Girl Daily water enhancers. Designed to fix the things that women want most like ENERGY, CALMNESS and healthy HAIR AND NAILS, it seemed like a marriage in heaven for me. I’ll admit, I didn’t consume so many of these that I started to look and feel like a Barbie, but the flavor tasted good and made water a little easier to take down. And maybe since it was well branded with a certain “Skinny Girl” it made me think I was doing something positive – which I was since its sweetened with agave and chock full of vitamins and nutrients (beyond your basics daily vitamins and the enhancers included in my roundup). Unfortunately, these aren’t sitting in my grocery store, so going online or a specialty drug store is necessary to get your dose of SG daily. However, you can get a multipack as well as a variety pack of all the Skinny Girl products…(more than you ever thought possible.)


Crystal Light Energy Packets



If I actually consumed the amount of coffee that I needed to really give me energy, I’m sure I’d be hooked up to a java IV. Since my body can’t take that much caffeine, I have to look for other ways to keep me going to get everything done that is necessary every day. With the words “energy” across the packaging and my favorite flavor of “wild strawberry,” I had to throw this one in the basket for a try. And it was good. Good enough I bought this was twice to keep in my bag in case I was out and needed a little “something.” Again, I don’t know how much energy it gave me or if my brain was just happy to make me thing so, but at only a few dollars for a box and only five calories – it’s a good keeper to have on hand when you want Kool-Aid, but need something that won’t make you look like the Kool-Aid Man.

Mio Liquid Enhancer


I was intrigued when I heard about the little “Mio,” so I looked for this one at the store and instantly brought it home to try. The thought of something that was not a powder, but a liquid that I could put it my drink only a squirt at a time was super. Especially since I always forget to take that first drink off my water bottle and make a mess when I used the powders. A MiO is sweetened with sucralose, a calorie-free, artificial sweetener that is 600 times sweeter than sugar. To maintain color and freshness, MiO does use certain preservatives and artificial colorings. While I’m a little leery of the artificially coloring in my white kitchen, the color of the “sweet tea” (which I have yet to try), does make it a little more believable that it could substitute my favorite southern beverage.

So what was the best? While I think the Skinny Girl Dailys were my favorite for getting lots of healthy benefits including drinking my water, the Crystal Lights are always on sale and readily available. I’ve got a cabinet full of them including my favorite drink option when I was pregnant their mocktail line. (It was the only way I got my mojito fix for nine months and coincidentally was the healthiest I’ve been in years.)

Hope one of these gives you a little H20 help.

Disclaimer: I received complimentary Skinny Girl Daily packets for purposes of this review. However, the opinions stated are all my own. 




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