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May 16, 2012

Post-Mother's Day Reality


Until the day AFTER Mother's Day, I didn't realize how much mileage I was getting out of the holiday.

The week leading up to the wonderful Sunday that celebrates me, in my mom-role, was extremely busy. Every kid-activity is coming to an end and seemingly requires rehearsals, recitals, tournaments, team parties and the accompanying food and treats. All of this is fun, but also requires cooperative, happy children, rather than slow-poke, ornery, disagreeable, whiny ones.

So, every time we had to get changed to go to  the next event or finish homework so that we could make the party, I resorted to:

"It's Mother's Day Week! Do it, for me!"

Amazingly, the first time I said this, it worked. So, I kept using it.

"I know you would rather stay home and play ball, but your sister's dance recital is more important. Change your clothes and come with us, now. It's Mother's Day Week and it would make me so happy!"

"Please hurry up. Your brother will be late for practice. Do it with a happy heart, for me, as a Mother's Day present!"

The actual day was even better; they initiated the good behavior:

"Mom, wasn't I good in church this morning? I was quiet and sat still, just for you!"

"Mom, did you notice that I made my bed and brushed my teeth, without any reminders? That was a Mother's Day gift!"

And so it went....

And now, it's over.

No sooner did Monday morning hit, than I was "encouraging" preparation for school, without any holiday-assistance. It didn't work as well. 

"Come on, guys! Let's go! Why aren't you dressed yet?" just doesn't pack the same punch.

Ah, well. It was nice while it lasted. (Truly, I did receive the sweetest, most heartfelt homemade cards and love notes!) 

And, as a bonus, I got to say what my mom said to me when I asked the question "When is Kid's Day?". I think it annoyed them as much as it used to annoy me.

"Why, every day is Kid's Day, my darlings!"


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