New Arlington Container Store Kicks Off Spring Cleaning

Take a look at a few must-haves

03/10/2012 9:28 AM

03/10/2012 9:50 AM

Spring brings out the organizing bug in me. However, if you asked my husband and he would say I’m a freak about it all the time, but truly my intentions are good. I just want to run a well-oiled machine/household. Over the last few days I had begun my list of things I needed to purchase to be more organized when I was received a special invitation to get a sneak peak at the NEW Container Store in Arlington . I really couldn’t get more excited except that profits from sales during Grand Opening Weekend would benefit the local Junior League of Arlington , so it was a done deal that I was going to RSVP to this event. Oh what I didn’t know I was getting myself into.

During our tour of the new store during the blogger preview, I figured I could just bring in my list and mentally start shopping for those few things I needed. However, our hostess with the mostess pointed out a few things that honestly I didn’t know existed (like a special hook for basketballs, footballs, etc.). Needless to say my list was getting longer as I walked through the store. I couldn’t believe what all I ended up with in my basket and when I got home with my new goodies (both from my purchases and a nice bag of samples from Container Store), I was practically giddy.

So here’s your disclaimer now: If you want to see some great products that you didn’t know existed, but will never remember how you lived without them, then read on. If you aren’t excited by making life easier and better, then you’re probably not on the right blog… Here’s a look at some of the coolest things in the world I got at the Container Store Opening Weekend in Arlington. While I didn’t buy everything in the list, I will tell you that if you need a day to just put all your stress behind you then spend a day at the Container Store. With the exception of the mass numbers of people in attendance for the grand opening weekend, I found the whole experience rather therapeutic. Just remember, CONTAIN YOURSELF! (For those of you who aren’t loyal shoppers, that’s actually their tagline!)

Packing Thing – Ball Holder Thingy – Real Name: Eagle Creek® Pack-It® Folder


Cable Holders – Real Name: CableDrop™ Cord Clips

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