Can Yummy Make Your Tummy (Smaller?)

Review of YumYum Dishes

01/15/2012 1:34 AM

01/15/2012 1:34 AM

New Year’s always brings hope of new habits, new changes and for me (and many other women) – a new (smaller) waistline. However, this year I have decided not to follow the newest celebrity diet, sign up for a “gotta eat my food” plan, or vow to never eat a piece bread again. I’ve gone nuts I know, but I’m going to try to eat healthy food that my family can eat and I can actually make without doubling my budget or my time in the kitchen. However, if it was that easy to say “let’s eat healthy” then my family would be in tip-top shape.

I have the knowledge about what is healthy, but there’s one thing that seem to get me most (in addition to pressing snooze for getting up to go to the gym) and that’s portion control. Lucky for me, I got a little help from the people at YumYum Dishes to help with figuring out portion control. I’ll admit I was skeptical about how a dish that was sectioned off with portion sizes could really teach me something new and even waited a few weeks before I used it. But I was surprised when I did.

As an experiment I actually didn’t use the YumYum 9Plate . I placed my dinner on a normal plate with what I thought was the perfect size. Then I took the food from the normal plate and placed it on the YumYum Dish to compare. I actually was off considerably. My carb portion was right on with the suggested guidelines, my protein was a little much and my vegetables were way under the recommended serving. Actually, I was allowed to eat more food! Not what I expected at all!

It was after this I realized the intent of the YumYum Dishes. For a few days I had tried to use the dish, but based on our dinner menu – spaghetti, chicken tortilla soup and salad – it was hard to really see how the dish worked. However, when you have a more traditional meal like a meat, rice/potatoes and a veggie, it really does help guide you with what you amount you should be eating. This should be a helpful tool for me as I relearn how to gauge portions! Now, I’m excited to start using the snack bowl and see if it helps me like it helped the woman who started the company, Tracy Adler.

All in all, this plate is a nice handy reminder about eating healthy. It’s still up to you to make good decisions and to wake up for spin class, but at least when you’re done with your plate, it does tell you “YumYum Time is Over.”

***Disclosure: I was provided a 9Plate and snack bowl from YumYum Dishes for the purposes of this review. The commentary and thoughts provided are 100% my own.

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