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January 9, 2012

Oh yes, I'm going there...

This mom got the chance to make her hectic life a little easier by "shaving" off the time it takes to shave by getting a wax

I have to admit, I almost didn't write this post. Actually, it wasn't that I couldn't write it, but that I wasn't sure if I could post it. Women talk about EVERYTHING under the sun, but it seems like waxing and more so, where you wax is never discussed. At least not with me. But I've decided to break the silence.

I had the opportunity to wax anything and everything I wanted with the opening of a new European Wax in Addison. When I booked the appointment everything was easy and quick, except WHAT I was going to wax. I had decided ultimately to do things in 2012 I've never done, so in addition to an eyebrow wax (which I've been doing since I was 10), I opted to go there. Maybe, I would get a bikini wax (full) as they consultant said. I had always heard it was called a Brazilian, but whatever you call it, it means that it is bare down there. And even more so, there was someone else in the room that would do it. WHOA...

I'll spare you all the details of taking the plunge, but I can tell you a few things - one, from the moment I made the appointment, everything was totally professional. I received a reminder call the day before my appointment and once I got in the door, everyone was amazing. They made me feel comfortable, informed and at complete ease. Even the check out process was easy. How great is that?

Well it get's even better: You can try it out too AND for free. All first time European Wax clients receive their choice of complementary wax service: Women - Eyebrow, underarm or bikini line and Men - eyebrow, ear or nose.

So what are you waiting for? Call 972-905-3590 to get smooth in 2012!

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