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December 27, 2011

The Game Plan 2012: Make a Smooth Beginning

Get ready for a smooth beginning in 2012 with FREE WAX Jan. 4 -10 at European Wax Center in Addison.

Like many people I got up this AM and started THE LIST. Oh yes, the list of things I hope to achieve as well as not to do in 2012. Over the next few weeks, I plan to share these with you (and also ask for help to be successful with them as well), but when I was sifting through the long train of emails on my computer, I found one that seemed to fit FIVE of my wants for 2012 like a glove.

1 - Be on time.

2 - Feel better and look better.

3 - Spend quality time with my husband.

4 - Make time for mama!

5 - Save money.

Since I'm sure many of you share these same needs (what mom doesn't), I knew I needed to share this one with you. A new European Wax is opening in Addison next week and is offering an AMAZING special. From Jan. 4 - 10, you can you get unlimited number of areas waxed. That's right, no more wasting time to shave your underarms or legs (or other unmentionable areas that need some attention). I'm naturally going to feel better when I have smooth, hairless skin. And believe me, your other half will thank you too and because it's free, you can't go wrong.

I bet you are looking for a catch --- well here it is: Call 972-905-3590 to make your free appointment for unlimited waxing NOW. That's it. I've made my appointment for several areas to get waxed over lunch with a friend, so I've got five things accomplished all within less than an hour for 2012.  (I'll admit a drink might be involved before this appointment...)

Not too shabby - aren't I smooth? Now on to the other 100 or so I've written down!

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