The Game Plan: Kids Will Believe (with a little technology)

Websites and Programs Keep the Spirit of Santa Alive

12/21/2011 1:35 PM

12/21/2011 1:38 PM

In addition to the power of "The Elf on the Shelf" (one of the most amazing, money-making tools of all time!), I've employed a few more "tools" this year to not just ensure my kids are on their best bahavior, but that they KNOW that Santa Claus isn't just a myth, but a living legend.

Portable North Pole

The Portable North Pole was a link someone sent me on Facebook. Knowing the poster always comes across fun things, I clicked over and was instantly amazed. After answering a few quick questions, you create a digital message from Santa with your kid's name, photos and personal info, so they KNOW Santa is talking to them. I thought this video was so cute, I posted the same as my friend. I think the adults have watched it more than my kids and you probably will too. Check ours out at:

I Caught Santa

Do you remember trying to sleep on Christmas Eve, but wanted so bad to sneak downstairs just to get a glimpse of Santa? That's exactly what is for - and you get a souvenir to boot! In less than 5 minutes by uploading a photograph from your home, you can create a photo that will lay any doubts to rest that Santa came to see your house. What I really loved was that you could download it in several formats AND even send it directly to Walgreens, which is one of my favorite places to get photos printed because they are so quick and you can even do from your phone now (yes, there is an app for that!) At less than $10 and done from your home, it's cheaper and quicker than going to the mall and getting one of those Christmas shots that normally make you cringe. Also, it's FAR more persuasive!

---However, for Mom2Mom readers, you can get yours NOW for half off, that's less than $5 - with code: SANTA50.


And if a personal photo and message from Santa doesn't convince them, then NORAD certainly will. NORAD, the military organization responsible for the aerospace and maritime defense of the United States and Canada, has several ways for you and your family to track Santa on Christmas Eve including online, Twitter, Facebook and more. Read more here:

Happy Holidays from Go Team Reo!

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