A Star is Born

12/14/2011 12:06 PM

12/14/2011 12:06 PM


'Tis the season for school Holiday Programs. Attending a church-run preschool, my daughter is involved in a program that celebrates the story of Mary and Joseph's trek to Bethlehem and the birth of baby Jesus.

All of the children participate in the nativity scene. We have sheep and shepherds, angels, wise men and donkeys. As a group, the four and five-year-olds sing songs and stay (mostly) still and smile, as the adult narrator moves the action along.

Until this week, we thought that the songs being sung by our daughter were all that was required of her on the big program day. No pressure. Easy, right?

Not quite.

On Monday she came home and announced that she had to practice her line. 

Okay. What might that be? 

"DON'T BE AFRAID, MARY!!!" was shouted at the top of her lungs. Wow. Further discussion uncovered the fact that our sweet girl had been chosen to play the angel, Gabriel. Not only did this require the aforementioned "line," to be shouted with exuberance, but also meant that she would gently and kindly deliver the baby Jesus into Mary's arms.

Oh my. The teachers at this school know their talent. Our daughter is baby-doll-obsessed. She is rarely without one of her dolls, rarely without a storyline behind their days, rarely without a kiss and hug goodbye for them as she heads out the door. If they needed a student to carry a baby doll and believably pretend it was real, they picked the right little girl.

She is convinced, now, that she is the single, most important figure in this program and is taking her role quite seriously. How many times might she need to practice that line? We're still going strong, with two days until the performance. Let's hope she is as enthusiastic, in front of an audience, as she is while roaming around the house. 

Stay tuned. A star is born!

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